Spoken / Communicative English

IELTS Preparation

E-Learning & Earning Ltd. has a wide variety of courses and among them, Spoken/ Communicative English is one of the most vital of them all.

We have a team of dedicated English-Speaking trainers who will be able to teach you new vocabulary and get rid of your anxiety that will help you get up and running so that you will be able to start speaking about common, conversational topics in no time.

What you'll learn in this course:

  • Speak English confidently and naturally on a wide range of everyday topics
  • Build your English-Speaking skills - speak English fluently, like a native
  • Grow your English Language knowledge with hundreds of new words and phrases
  • Improve your English Listening skills - listen to a native speaker
  • Develop your English Vocabulary using online activities and create your own vocabulary booklet
  • English for everyday situation.
  • Basic Grammar (Sentences, Parts of Speech, tenses, active and passive voice, direct and indirect Narration).
  • Communication with people in the class room and in real situation in class excursion project.
  • Skills to Speak accurately and clearly.
  • Improving pronunciation and fluency.
  • Vocabulary Extending Program. (VEP)
  • Skills to path way of IELTS, abroad studies and job getting skills.

The Target Audience of this Course :

People who want to speak with confidence and also about variety of everyday topics.

People who want and need to improve their speaking skills so that they will be able to carry on conversations with anyone.

People who are in the corporate world and want to improve their speaking skills so that they can excel their career and get good performance in their official space.

Outcome of Spoken/Communicative English

  • Students will gain a heightened awareness of using the correct English grammar while writing and speaking
  • Students will improve their speaking ability in English both in terms of fluency and comprehensibility
  • Students will be able to give oral presentations and receive feedback on their performance so that their anxiety on Spoken/ Communicative English is removed
  • Students will be able to get advantage when working in local Multinational Companies, as they give priority to people who have good grasp on English knowledge for their business.
  • They will be able to hold and speak on regular conversation that will help them get a good holding while working on different places internationally.